I A N E  I B S O N  E W S O M E

F I N E   A R T - O I L  P A I N T I N G S


"Botanical studies are one of my favorite subjects. I find that nature offers unlimited opportunities for the study of light, form and color. " -DGN

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Camellia Botanical Series 


Newsome's vibrant botanical camellia specimen paintings have greatly enlarged flowers and backgrounds of intertwined foliage in natural settings.  This interpretation of the background enables  the portrail of the primary floral subject in a natural-organic setting.  She creates a rhythm with the foliage that leads the eye through the painting and back to the central focus of the main blossom.   With Newsome’s botanical paintings, she invites the viewer to stop, explore and appreciate the inherent complex order and amazing beauty of nature, which may otherwise be overlooked.


ÓAll duplication rights of this artwork are completely reserved by the artist,

Diane Gibson Newsome – No Copies May Be Made Without Contacting the Artist and Receiving Express Written Permission.

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