I A N E  I B S O N  E W S O M E

F I N E  A R T - O I L  P A I N T I N G S

The property that houses her art studio/gallery is a (National Wildlife Federation) Certified Wildlife Habitat. Her garden provides a constant source of inspiration. An ardent equestrian, gardener and wildlife enthusiast, she focuses on capturing the fabulous and unique essence of

wildlife and nature subjects on canvas.

The images below are a sample of recent wildlife and domestic animal  oil paintings.  Newsome invites commissions for equine/pet  portraits.

Click on thumbnail images below for larger views. 

Wildlife and Domestic Animals


The commissioned "Animal Oil Portraits" that Newsome creates elicit very positive emotional reactions from her customers.  The life-like quality of the primary subject is highly valued.  The portrait backgrounds are of subtle tonal blending and serve to enhance  the animal’s form and unique personality.

You may contact the artist  at Email: dgncanvascreations@yahoo.com for additional information on commissioned animal portrait pricing. 

ÓAll duplication rights of this artwork are completely reserved by the artist,

Diane Gibson Newsome – No Copies May Be Made Without Contacting the Artist and Receiving Express Written Permission.

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